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Biden’s Russian Ammo Ban - What It Means For Shooters

Biden’s Russian Ammo Ban - What It Means For Shooters

With the current ammunition shortage continuing into its second year, a major source of imported ammo is about to go the way of the dodo bird.

Russian Ammo Ban Makes Imported Ammo Extinct

Summary of Facts:

- Effective September 7th 2021, the Biden Administration will no longer approve new permits for imported Russian made ammunition and firearms.

- The move is an attempt by the U.S. State Department to punish the Russian Federation for the August 2020 poisoning of a Russian opposition figure. 

- Ammunition availability, already strained, will worsen as the popular Russian ammo starts to disappear from the marketplace.

- According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, importation permits that have already been issued will remain in force until they expire, which could take up to two years.

This last point is important. Russian ammunition will not dry up immediately.  In fact, it can still be found at many online ammunition sites including: 

Sportsman's GuideWolf Ammunition and Tula Ammunition (Both In Stock at this writing)

Palmetto State ArmoryWolf Ammunition and Tula Ammunition (Both Out-Of-Stock at this writing, but inventory updates daily)

Lucky Gunner - Limited selection of Wolf Ammunition

Much of the ammunition imported from Russian is steel cased which usually means a lower price.  This is not universally true however, with the Wolf Gold line being a good example. This is brass cased ammunition that is highly thought of for its reliability and accuracy.  

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Aug 22, 2021

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