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10 Best Places To Buy Ammo Online [2024]

10 Best Places To Buy Ammo Online [2024]

If you like convenience, selection and low prices, online ammo shopping is for you!

Please see our recommendations below for the best online ammo stores.

Click any link to go direct to that Online Ammo Store!

Update: Ammo is more available than it has been in a long time! Prices are generally coming down as well! Finding the best prices will require a bit of persistence though. Check these websites for what you need. Thank you for using our page as your ammo finder!

  Summary of Our Top Picks


Buy Ammo Online - Shoot - Repeat

Our all time favorite caliber is the 22 Long Rifle (22LR). It is a light recoiling fun round to shoot and it is almost always the cheapest ammo that you can get ahold of! The subsonic stuff is nice to shoot because it's much quieter than the high velocity stuff, or even the standard velocity stuff. But the subsonic 22LR ammo will generally not cycle a semi-automatic pistol or rifle.

Enter CCI's Quiet Semi-Auto 22LR ammo!

22 Long Rifle pistol on shooting table with variety of ammunition

There is a staggering variety of 22LR ammo available

This particular CCI ammo has the light recoil and quietness of the subsonic stuff, but with just enough extra oomph to cycle semi-automatic actions. It's worked in every 22LR pistol and rifle I've tried it in.

It was scarce or non-existent during the pandemic but is generally available now. It's ammo that I never want to be out of again and I have already stocked up!

Prices Subject To Change

Prices Subject To Change

Wolf Performance Ammunition Steel Cased 9mm Luger Ammunition 50 round box

Get the scoop on the Biden Russian Ammo Ban

Shop for Russian ammo at these sites:

Sportsman's Guide - Wolf Ammo and Tula Ammo (Both in Stock at this writing)

Palmetto State Armory - Wolf Ammo and Tula Ammo (Both in Stock at this writing)

Lucky Gunner - Some Wolf Ammo

Ever wondered how ammunition is made? See this tour of the Federal ammunition factory in action.  

AR15 Little Known Fact

Of all rifles produced in 2017, 54% were modern sporting rifles.

Lucky Gunner is a seriously squared away online ammo source! A must stop on your search for ammunition as they literally get pallets of it in daily and they are truly a pleasure to shop with. Check them out and see for yourself! They often have the best ammo prices and the cheapest prices for bulk ammo.  

>>>Update: They have a decent amount of 7.62X39 Ammo in stock and several kinds of 9mm defensive ammo and 45 ACP Ammo is available but selling fast!

An estimated 8.1 billion rounds, of all calibers and gauges, were produced in 2018 for the U.S. market.

Palmetto State Armory is my first stop for BULK ammo. Very often the best and cheapest prices on the internet for the most popular calibers like 223 and 9mm. Also, a wide selection of tactical ammunition suitable for duty use. Sometimes free shipping on cases of ammo. Few things are better than free shipping on a case of cheap ammo directly to your doorstep! They are truly a guns & ammo powerhouse!

AR15 resting on shooting bench at range

This AR15 burned through a lot of PSA 556 ammo when it was cheap and plentiful!

Brownells is my go to place for gun tools. Their rifle and pistol ammo selection is second to none as well. Their ammo prices are very good as well and their customer service is truly world class. They stand behind their products with a 100% lifetime warranty and that says something!  

Dan Wesson 1911 9mm resting on target at range

Many, many cases of cheap bulk 9mm Luger ammo have gone through this Dan Wesson 1911 pistol. For plinking, practice and competition use, the cheapest handgun ammmo bought online is the way to go.

Sportsman's Guide goes beyond just ammo and guns and has everything else from power tools to clothing and everything in between. For the best deals you will want to get a Sportsman's Guide membership. I saved more than the cost of the membership on my first purchase (2 cases of shotgun shells) with them because the savings was so good. 5% discount off guns and ammo and 10% off other gear. Definitely check them out!

What are the best places to buy ammo online?

Based on selection, price and availability, our top two favorites are and Palmetto State Armory and Lucky Gunner. For the full list and our criteria see Best Places to Buy Ammo Online.

What are the best places to buy bulk ammo online?

Lucky Gunner is our favorite online source for bulk ammo and Palmetto State Armory is a close second. For the full list see Best Places to Buy Ammo Online.

Can you buy ammo online?

Many states, like Florida, have no restrictions on the purchase of ammunition online. Other states, like California, do have restrictions. If you are in doubt, we recommend that you contact the online ammunition vendor that you want to buy from for any restrictions in your state. See our suggestions here Best Places to Buy Ammo Online  

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