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223 Wylde Barrels

223 Wylde Barrels

For maximum accuracy and performance your barrel is a key component. For that next build or upgrade, SpiceTac has you covered with Ballistic Advantage's 223 Wylde Barrels. Shop our selection including stainless steel and premium black series. 


Clint Hanson Of Ballistic Advantage explains some pros and cons of .223 Wylde vs .556 NATO. 


5.56 NATO vs .223 Remington

These are the two most popular cartridges used in AR 15s. Externally the rounds look identical, but they are not. Also, some AR15s are chambered for 5.56 and some are chambered for .223 Rem. Understanding the difference is crucial for a safe shooting experience. 


The first major difference is the pressure level of the ammunition. The .223 Rem round is loaded to an average pressure of 55,000 psi., while the 556 NATO on the other hand, will run around 58,000 psi. 


The second difference is chamber dimensions. The .223 Remington chamber dimensions are slightly smaller with a shorter throat. The shorter throat can lead to increased accuracy while the longer throat of the NATO chamber loses this accuracy advantage.

Important Usage and Safety Considerations

Firing the higher pressure 5.56 x 45mm NATO ammo in a rifle with the tighter 223 Remington chamber is NOT safe.  The NATO ammunition needs the looser tolerances of the 556 chamber to be safe.


Firing .223 Rem in a 5.56 NATO barrel is considered safe but may not yield the same level of accuracy as if fired from a .223 Rem barrel. 

223 Wylde Barrels

Created by Bill Wylde, this design is the perfect middle-ground between the 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem chamber. The dimensions of the 223 Wylde chamber allow for the safe firing of both 556 NATO and 223 Rem ammunition.


The unique 223 Wylde chamber includes the leade angle and external dimensions of 5.56 paired with the smaller leade diameter of .223 Rem. The Wylde barrel will have increased accuracy over a 556 NATO barrel while allowing both 556 NATO and 223 Rem to be safely used in the same barrel. 

Why Use a 223 Wylde Barrel?

Determining which barrel will work best for your specific needs is an important part of the build process. Selecting a 223 Wylde Barrel for your build can deliver the perfect balance of accuracy and flexibility that most of us are looking for. 

223 Wylde Barrels from SpiceTac

At SpiceTac, we like the Ballistic Advantage 223 Wylde Barrels for their flexibility and 1 MOA guarantee. We strive to bring you the best AR 15 and AR 10 parts at an affordable price. Our goal is to provide quality products and fast shipping to help get your AR build or upgrade moving. Along with 223 Wylde Barrels, we have a variety of AR-15 parts. If you need barrels, upper receivers, bolt carrier groups, or Raptor charging handles, SpiceTac has all that and more. Start your AR build or upgrade with parts that you can depend on.