9 Best Places To Buy Guns Online [2021]

9 Best Places To Buy Guns Online [2021]

Where to buy guns online? See our list of the best online gun stores!

Your local gun store (LGS) may be the best thing since sliced bread, or not.

In this age of the internet you don't have to suffer from limited selection and high prices.  Purchasing firearms is no exception.  There any many online sources to buy guns - see our list below.

Buy Guns Online

Guns bought online will not ship directly to you. They will generally ship to a local FFL dealer who will process the proper paperwork including forms and background checks, etc. just as if you had bought the gun locally.

The List:

1. Palmetto State Armory

2. Brownells

3. Sportsman's Warehouse

4. Primary Arms

5. Sportsman's Guide

6. Guns.com

7. Euro Optic

8. Gunbroker

9. Armslist

Online sales (Ecommerce) accounted for a whopping 21.3% of all U.S. retail sales in 2020. 

Palmetto State Armory Online Gun Sales

Palmetto State Armory is a powerhouse in the gun world and their online gun store and selection of firearms is a big part of the reason. Whether you need a new gun for hunting, home defense, or concealed carry, PSA has the big brands including their own exclusive offerings.

One nice feature of their website is that you can filter results by "In Stock" which saves you a ton of time when you are shopping.

A friend recently scored this hard-to-find Glock 48 MOS online at Palmetto State Armory and it shipped to a Local Gun Store two business days later! Way to go PSA!

Brownells Online Gun Sales

Most of us probably think of Brownells more for their gunsmithing tools than for firearms but they have a great selection of guns. Combined with their superior customer service, this is one of my favorite all-around online stores.

Their site also has the handy "In Stock" filter. Use it and save yourself a ton of time!

While you're there grab that set of gunsmithing punches you have been needing!

Sportsmans Warehouse Online Gun Sales

Sportsman's Warehouse carries over 10,000 firearms that you can shop for in-store or online and they are a must stop on your journey. They sell a lot of guns and are constantly replenishing their huge selection. 

Sportsman's Warehouse also has a Deals and Clearance page where with discounts on everything from guns to gun safes and everything in-between.

Primary Arms Online Gun Sales

Primary Arms has selection and service nailed down and I don't know of a single person that has ever bought from them that was unhappy. That says something.

While checking out their site, make sure you visit their Optics section and see the variety and great prices there as well!

Also, if you quality, check out their generous Veteran, Active Duty and First Responder discount!

Sportsmans Guide Online Gun Sales

Sportsmans Guide goes beyond just ammo and guns and has everything else from power tools to clothing and everything in between. 

For the best deals you will want to get a Sportsman's Guide membership. I saved more than the cost of the membership on my first purchase with them because the savings was so good. 5% off guns and ammo and 10% off other gear. 

Definitely check them out!

Euro Optic Gun Sales

Known for high end optics, Euro Optic also has a great selection of new and used guns to choose from. Definitely pop into their optics section though!

Looking for ammo instead? Look no further than out Best Places to Buy Ammo Online Page!

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Mar 28th 2021

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