Toolcraft Gallery

Toolcraft Inc. of Marion North Carolina manufacturers bolt carrier groups in a large variety of calibers and finishes. This gallery shows a sampling of their products. Click the upper-right corner of any 360 view for full page.

Below: Toolcraft Black Nitride BCG 556


Below: Toolcraft Nickel Boron BCG 556


Below: Toolcraft Chrome Phosphate BCG 556


Below: Toolcraft Diamond DLC BCG 556


Below: Toolcraft Titanium Nitride BCG 556


Below: Toolcraft Left-Handed Black Nitride BCG


Below: Toolcraft 308 AR10 Black Nitride BCG


Below: Toolcraft 308 AR10 Nickel Boron BCG


A note from SpiceTac

When we entered the AR-15 parts business in 2017, our first and only product for sale was the Toolcraft Black Nitride BCG. Toolcraft’s well-known reputation for quality meant one less thing for a small business startup to worry about. Our catalog has changed a lot since then, but Toolcraft has remained a constant. In fact, we continue to expand the selection of Toolcraft calibers and finishes that we offer. In less than 2 years we have sold over 3000 Toolcraft bolt carrier groups and we are proud to be a Toolcraft Dealer.


As a supplier of bolt carrier groups to the military, Toolcraft consistently meets and exceeds the highest manufacturing standards. Finishes include Black Nitride, Nickel Boron, Ionbond Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) Coating, Titanium Nitride and MIL-SPEC Chrome and Manganese Phosphate finishes.

All Toolcraft BCG bolts are shot-peened, MPI and batch HPT to ensure quality and reliability. Made from either mil-spec Carpenter 158 steel or high strength 9310 steel, bolt carrier groups from Toolcraft are guaranteed to perform like new for thousands and thousands of rounds. You cannot buy a better bolt carrier group than a Toolcraft.

Lifetime Warranty

“Toolcraft products carry a lifetime warranty. Simply put - should any of our products fail, return it to us for a brand new replacement.”

A note from Toolcraft

“Toolcraft carriers are made from the best materials that can be purchased in the market today. Regardless of the coating you choose, the carrier that it protects is made the right way, with no compromise of standards using materials that are Made in the USA. There is the basic 8620 steel, a better grade of Gun Quality 8620 steel, an even better grade of Aircraft Quality 8620 steel, but then there is the best Aircraft Quality 8620 steel that is proprietary to Toolcraft only and no one else. These high standards of materials set us apart from the rest.”

“While some manufacturers have compromised the Mil-Spec standards of machining just to add to their profits, Toolcraft has stayed loyal to the Mil-Spec machining standards since the beginning.”

“All Toolcraft carriers are post-heat treat machined to remove any distortion that has occurred during the heat treat process. We first grind the outside rails that are in contact with the upper after heat treat. Next, we machine the inside bore where the bolt is doing the work. This ensures the gas rings are not damaged and that the weapon cycles and charges smoothly. These standards are not just met, but we exceed them on every operation during the machining processes and this effort gives our carriers a superior finish with no machining lines.”

“Toolcraft machines each carrier to last for thousands of rounds and that is why we can offer with confidence a Lifetime Warranty on our products. These standards have given each consumer the confidence that when they use a Toolcraft bolt carrier group in their weapon, it will do what it was created to do, round after round for years to come.”