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Toolcraft Nickel Boron BCG 556

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*Until This Product Is Back In Stock Consider Aero Precision Nickel Boron BCG*

A Toolcraft Nickel Boron BCG is, hands down, one of the best Nickel Boron BCGs (NiB BCG) on the market today. The bolt carrier group is one of the most important AR15 parts, critical to the safety and proper function of the AR15. Toolcraft understands this and precision manufactures these bolt carrier groups on state-of-the-art CNC machinery in North Carolina to such high standards that they are trusted by the U.S. Military and carry a lifetime warranty.

Nickel Boron is an extremely durable finish with self-lubricating properties so your AR15 cycles smoother and requires less lubrication. Toolcraft has the Nickel Boron finish applied by UCT Coatings of Palm City FL, the same company that applies it for Fail Zero BCGs. Called EXO Technology, this is a patented process that applies a Nickel Boron finish so durable that it is specified on Army 81mm and 60mm mortar tubes, Blackhawk helicopter hoists, and for hard use applications on some Navy ships!  IMO, this may be the ultimate upgrade to the All-American AR-15. And it looks good too! 


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Reviews: This product has been overwhelmingly liked by our customers! Look through the reviews to see what other shooters are saying about this Toolcraft Nickel Boron BCG.

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Questions? See Toolcraft FAQs.

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A bolt carrier group is only as good as it’s bolt. Choose from either the very popular 9310 steel or the mil-spec 158 Carpenter steel. Both are modern ultra-high strength steels designed specifically for applications where high strength and durability are of paramount importance. Both bolt steels are also an option for the very popular Black Nitride version here Toolcraft BCG.

This is a 223/5.56/300 Blackout bolt carrier group.

This AR BCG will not work with 6.5/6.8/308 etc.

Bolt Shot Peened; MPI
Bolt Material 9310 or Carpenter 158 Steel
Bolt Finish Nickel Boron
Caliber 223/5.56/300 Blackout
Extractor O-ring Viton; Mil Spec
Carrier Material 8620 Steel, Toolcraft Proprietary
Carrier Finish Nickel Boron
Carrier Design M16 Full Auto Style
Gas Key Material 4130 Steel
Cam Pin Material 4140 Steel
Cam Pin Finish Nickel Boron
Firing Pin Material 8740 Steel; Hard Chrome Plated
Manufacturer Toolcraft


Note: Some dealers are selling Toolcraft BCGs that have been finished after leaving Toolcraft. The finish on those BCGs would not be warrantied by Toolcraft. All Toolcraft bolt carrier groups sold by SpiceTac include the 100% no-questions-asked Toolcraft warranty.

Customer Photos

Below: Toolcraft Nickel Boron (NiB BCG) installed in a partially completed pink themed AR15. The unique Nickel finish is well suited to spiffing up a build.


Below: Cat Approved! Expect great things when you combine the best Nickel Boron BCG (Toolcraft) on the market with the best upper and lower receivers (Aero Precision) on the market. 


Below: Complete Nickel Boron bolt carrier group as they come from Toolcraft, fully assembled and ready to drop in.


Below: Disassembled bolt carrier group showing all parts including firing pin, assembled bolt, firing pin retaining pin, cam pin and carrier with gas key.


Below: Detailed shot of Toolcraft gas key screw staking.


Below: This NiB bolt carrier group will be paired with a Ballistic Advantage 16" Fluted Stainless 223 Wylde barrel  for the ultimate in reliability, accuracy and good looks.


Below: Suitable for use with 300 Blackout as well as 223/556, a Toolcraft Nickel Boron BCG is used on this pistol build.


Below: Nickel BCG installed in this AR15 upper receiver shows silvery contrast against the dark black finish.


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