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Radian Raptor LT Charging Handle 556

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Radian Weapons makes some of the best ambidextrous charging handles on the market. The Radian Raptor LT charging handles are machined from 7075 aluminum and then hard anodized to demanding Mil Spec Type III specs. This tough skeleton is then over-molded with high-strength, fiberglass reinforced polymer for the ultimate combination of strength, weight, and durability.

Available in Black, FDE, and Stealth Grey, all designed to match standard Magpul colors. This Radian Raptor LT charging handle comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

For use in AR15/M4/M16 pattern rifles.

Not compatible with AR10 rifles. For AR10 see here AR10 Charging Handles


There seems to be a persistent myth that the Radian Raptor-LT handles are polymer. A careful read of the specs shows that they use a high-tech polymer over-mold but that the core is high strength (7075-T6) aluminum. In use, the Raptor-LT has proven every bit as durable as the original Raptor, which is to say extremely durable! Design improvements including heavier roll pins and thicker materials with better engineering make all Raptor charging handles more durable than the original GI charging handle.  


MIL-SPEC Anodized Solid Aircraft Grade Aluminum Core Construction

This method of construction was so novel that it earned its own Utility Patent from the United States Patent Office. Patent No. 10,161,697 describes the invention and the many benefits of making a charging handle this way including durability and light weight.

Since it's the light weight that puts the "LT" into the Raptor LT, we tossed one on a scale to see what was what. At 1.2 ounces it comes in at 0.1 ounces less than the original Raptor.


Above: The Raptor LT charging handle weighs 1.2 ounces which is 0.1 ounces less than the original Raptor charging handle 

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Raptor-LT charging handle is a simple upgrade to any AR-15 

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