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Radian Raptor Charging Handle 556

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  • Radian Raptor Charging Handle 556
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This is the original Radian Raptor charging handle (model R0001 in black). It’s the cornerstone product that launched the Radian Weapons (AXTS) tsunami of charging handle innovation! So unique that it holds multiple U.S. patents, it’s an example of what can happen when a laser-like focus is applied to a product with the goal of making that product as good as it can possibly be.

The magic here is in the handles. Ambidextrous in design, both left and right side handles are extended as well as textured with vertical serrations to provide a secure grip no matter the conditions. They are extended enough for good purchase even around low mounted scopes and other equipment, but not so much that they are a nuisance. 


Above: The Raptor charging handle is approx. 0.517" wider than the original AR15 charging handle. Note the Raptor's right side handle is extended more than the left to clear the forward assist button.

The right-side lever is extended slightly more than the left to account for the forward assist button on most AR15 upper receivers. This well thought-out ambidextrous design allows rapid charging of the weapon from either strong or support side.

The R0001 is precision manufactured from the same high-end aircraft grade 7075 aluminum that quality MIL-SPEC uppers are made from and then hard anodized. Available in a variety of finishes, the Radian Raptor Ambi Charging Handle comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

Whether you are getting parts together for a build or are just looking for an upgrade to your current rifle, the Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle by Radian Weapons is a solid choice that won’t let you down.


Above: The Raptor charging handle weighs 1.3 ounces.

For use in AR15/M4/M16 pattern rifles.

Not compatible with AR10 rifles. For AR10 see here AR10 Charging Handles


Combining the Raptor's ambidextrous design and right side lever that is slightly extended (slightly more than the left) to clear the forward assist button on traditional upper receivers works very well on a rifle that has a Slick Side Upper. This type of upper receiver lacks the forward assist protrusion on the right side and when used with a Raptor charging handle it's a pleasure to be able to work the bolt from the right side - something that the M-14 shooters have been doing all along!


A slick side upper with no forward assist button compliments the Raptor ambidextrous design allowing super easy charging from the right side

Other Colors
 Radian Competition Red and Blue Handles
 Radian Raptor NP3 NP3 Coated Handle
 Radian Raptor Radian Brown Radian Brown Handle
 Radian Raptor Radian Grey Radian Grey Handle
 Radian Raptor Black+NP3 Black Handles, NP3 Shaft
Other Raptor Models
 Radian Raptor LT Lighter Weight 
 Radian Raptor SD Silencer Optimized
 Radian Raptor SL Slimline Handles
 Radian Raptor SD-SL Slimline + Silencer Optimized

Want a deep dive into all the models? See our Raptor Charging Handle Review


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Customer Photos


This is the Raptor in Tungsten Grey finish on top of an Aero Precision BCG

Radian Weapons SHOT Show 2019, courtesy of Tactical Advisor. Check out Tactical Advisor on Instagram!

“Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by. The first thing we’re going to cover today is our rifle series which is the Model 1. Some of the feature sets on this rifle that are really unique would be the ADAC system which is ambidextrous dual action catch. You’re actually able to lock the bolt to the rear with the magazine relase and then release it from the right side which allows you as a shooter to stay under fire control while needing to clear a malfunction. So, just rack it back, push the magazine release, get a magazine back in there and then drop it home. On the left side we actually have a left hand magazine release, bolt catch and bolt drop and of course our receivers feature our talon safety which is a modular safety which has either a 45 or 90 degree throw. Either one is acceptable and the levers are retained with a spring and retention pin instead of screws so you don’t have to worry about anything backing out. These are all machined in house and are guaranteed to be sub MOA accurate out of the box. The price range on all the rifles is going to be about $2500. They’re offered in 224 Valkyrie, a 10.5 223 Wylde, 300 Blackout SBRs and everything in between. So your 14.5’s, your 16’s and up to a 17.5” DMR setup.”

“Next we’re going to talk about the Raptor Charging Handle. The Raptor has been around for several years and is almost ubiquitous in the market. It is used by many OEM customers and is known for being able to get good purchase when you’re using a magnified optic. We have quite a few different versions of the Raptor. We have the Raptor SD which actually has a ported shaft for suppressed shooting. It actually reduces the blowback that you experience as a shooter while using a silencer. We have our slimline model [Raptor SL] with shorter handles for those who are concerned about gear snag. We have our Raptor LT which has polymer handles and comes in at a more affordable $60 price point. And we have several other options to include color and NP3 coated finish. These are all available at retailers nationwide or factory direct. It is a great product if you are wanting to upgrade your AR15 build or just take a mil-spec charging handle out and make your gun a lot better.” - Josiah Underwood, Radian Weapons

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