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Radian Raptor SL Charging Handle 556

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The Raptor-SL charging handle is based on the original Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle. With slim-line handles, the Raptor-SL is perfect for shooters who require an ultra low-profile, anti-snag design.  The Raptor-SL retains all of the revolutionary design and function characteristics of the original Raptor including a well thought-out ambidextrous design that allows rapid charging of the weapon from either strong or support side. Handles are textured to provide a secure grip no matter the conditions.


 Above: The Raptor SL is approximately 0.434" narrower than the original Raptor charging handle 

The slim-line dimensions actually bring the Raptor SL back down to approximately the width of the original AR15 charging handle. That is one of the few similarities since the Raptor is stronger, grippier and ambidextrous.


Above: The Raptor SL (SD-SL shown) charging handle is roughly the same width as the standard AR15 charging handle - within one-tenth of an inch. 

A charging handle with slimmer handles should weigh less and the Raptor SL charging handle is no exception.


Above: The Raptor SL charging handle weighs 1.2 ounces, 0.1 ounce less than the original Raptor charging handle.

Precision manufactured from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and MIL-SPEC hard anodized. Available in Black, FDE, and Tungsten Grey. The Radian Raptor-SD Charging Handle comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and is 100% designed and manufactured in the USA.

For use in AR15/M4/M16 pattern rifles.

Not compatible with AR10 rifles.

See also the original Raptor Charging Handle.

Shooting suppressed? The silencer optimized Raptor SD charging handle or it's slimline brother the Raptor SD SL charging handle are worth a look.

Looking for in depth information? See all Raptor charging handle models reviewed here: Ultimate Raptor Charging Handle Review - All Models


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