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Where To Buy Body Armor Online [2022]

Where To Buy Body Armor Online [2022]

Body Armor For Sale Online

Shopping for body armor online? The good news is that it's much more available than ammo is right now! 

Check these places first.

1. Spartan Armor Systems

1. AR500 Armor

2. Premier Body Armor

3. LA Police Gear

Bullet Proof Vests

Body armor falls into a special category of things that you don't usually need, but when you do need it, nothing else will do. Guns and fire extinguishers are in that same category. We could call it the Accept-No-Substitute-Category.

No Substitute For Protection

Armor can be uncomfortable, heavy, expensive and uncomfortable. Yes I said uncomfortable twice.

But if you are wearing the right kind at the right time and it saves your life and keeps you from pushing up daisies, then it will more than pay for itself.   

Body Armor Sales

There are different kinds of body armor with the two most common being soft and hard armor.

Soft body armor is commonly worn by police officers. It is relatively lightweight and comfortable.

Soft body armor is typically rated to stop handgun calibers and is not designed to stop rifle bullets. Since far and away the most common weapon to be shot with is a handgun, it is a good compromise.

Moving to hard armor we are talking plates and these are typically rated to stop rifle projectiles. There are different types of plates with the lighter, more advanced materials costing more.

Body armor does not make you bullet proof. All armor is rated to stop certain projectiles and will not stop everything. Also, armor does not cover your entire body but is designed to protect only some of the most vital areas of the torso.

Self Defense and Body Armor

One recommendation made to me years ago by Massad Ayoob at his LFI-II class (now MAG-80) was that I already had enough projectile launchers so my next purchase should probably be something that would stop incoming projectiles.

Wonder Woman Stopping Bullets

That is advice I think we can all live with!

Nov 14, 2020 SpiceTac

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