AR-15 Toolcraft Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group 9310


This will be the last bolt carrier group your AR-15 will ever need! Beneath the premium Black Nitride finish is one of the highest quality bolt carrier groups on the market today.

Precision manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery in North Carolina from the highest quality modern steels, these bolt carrier groups are trusted by the U.S. Military and carry a lifetime, no questions asked, warranty. 

Black Nitride is a metal treatment that produces a case-hardened surface.  The resulting finish is extremely wear and corrosion resistant and very slick. For a BCG this means less friction and smoother, more reliable function of your AR-15.  Easier cleanup is another bonus.  The rich black color allows your Black Rifle to stay black. 

AR15 Black Nitride BCG

Toolcraft is a major OEM manufacturer of bolt carrier groups for the U.S. Military and many large firearms manufacturers.  We buy direct from Toolcraft and pass the savings on to you. You get OEM quality without the logo and the steep markup.

Bolt is 9310 Alloy Steel. For Carpenter 158 see here: Black Nitride BCG 158.

Buy with confidence! FREE SHIPPING + 30-DAY NO-HASSLE RETURNS. 

[AR15 Bolt Carrier Comparison Semi vs Full Auto

Our BCGs come standard with a full profile carrier while many AR-15s these days are sold with a lightweight semi-auto carrier. The difference can be seen in the photo above. The full profile carrier simply has more weight to it, about 0.5 oz. more.  Just like a heavier buffer, a heavier carrier can have certain benefits in an AR-15. 

The extra weight helps to smooth the function of the AR-15 by slightly delaying the unlocking of the action allowing pressure in the chamber to decrease, resulting in more consistent and reliable case extraction.

The extra weight also causes the bolt carrier group to move forward with more authority, stripping and feeding the next round from the magazine into the chamber more reliably. This can be especially helpful if the rifle is dirty or under lubricated.

Since the carrier and buffer essentially act as a unit during the cycling of the rifle, the use of a full profile carrier over a semi-auto carrier adds roughly two-thirds of the weight you'd get by going to the next heavier buffer.   

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