Your Coronavirus Secret Weapon - Vitamin C

Your Coronavirus Secret Weapon - Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be your secret weapon against the Coronavirus!

We all know that frequent hand washing is one of the best defenses against the Coronavirus.  

Thumbs Up for that. 

The Surgeon General and other U.S. health officials have told us that masks are not very effective against the virus.

Thumbs Down for that.

The secret weapon that is not being talked about is Vitamin C (chemically Ascorbic Acid), the good old fashioned cold fighter. 

According to a National Institute of Health study, large doses of Vitamin C reduced flu and cold symptoms in their test group by 85% compared with a control group.* 

Vitamin C can't prevent or cure the common cold or the flu, but it can absolutely reduce the severity and the symptoms.

Double Thumbs Up for that!

I take Vitamin C daily and just reordered some to be sure I don't run out before Coronavirus season does!

Consider it cheap insurance. 

Stay safe out there!





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Mar 14th 2020 David Blazek

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