Banana Clip Bottle Opener

  • Banana Clip Bottle Opener by SpiceTac
  • Banana Clip Bottle Opener with GiftBox by SpiceTac
  • Banana Clip Bottle Opener by SpiceTac Opening Bottle
  • Banana Clip Bottle Opener by SpiceTac Opening Bottle
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Unique Gift Idea!

Opening a bottle with an AK-47 magazine is the stuff of legend and mystery.  Few know about this practical use of the AK magazine and fewer still know how to do it properly. Our short video shows you how to do it! 

This unique bottle opener will appeal to all of us who are familiar with the nickname given to the AK -47 magazine - Banana Clip.

  •  Fun - "I actually go looking for bottles to open! -Happy Customer
  • Ordinary - Not - Whether this is right out of a James Bond movie or a Tom Clancy spy novel, one thing is for sure, this is no ordinary bottle opener.
  • Military Grade - We start with brand new, military-grade, heavy steel AK-47 magazines. We then permanently modify them so they are safe and inert with no moving parts. Cannot be used as a rifle magazine. Cannot hold ammunition / bullets.
  • Wow Factor - The high gloss powder coat finish has a wet paint appearance that is silky smooth to the touch. This will be the bottle opener that you hate to put down.
  • Caution - We strongly recommend that you do not take this Banana Clip Bottle Opener into the secure area of an airport or any other security area. TSA may consider this a weapon part.
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