How To Open A Beer With An AK-47 Magazine

August 09, 2017

The AK-47 assault rifle, introduced nearly 70 years ago, is nothing if not iconic.  In that time lots of rumor, myth and folklore have grown up around it.  

Take the AK-47's magazine for example.  These are often referred to as "Banana Clips" due to their banana-like curve, especially the ones designed for the original AK-47 cartridge, the 7.62X39 with it's 30 caliber bullet. These were built to reliably feed ammunition into the rifle and are considered some of the most rugged and reliable magazines ever made.

It has been said that these magazines make good bottle openers.  Because the average person will not usually come across an AK-47 magazine in their day-to-day life, it is fair to wonder if this claim is fact or fiction.  It turns out to be 100% fact. AK-47 magazines make GREAT bottle openers.  And, while there are many ways to do it, there is, in my opinion, only one right way. 

Don't use the edge of the magazine to pry the cap off. While this can work, there is a much better way. 

Use the feed lips.  THIS is the proper way to use an AK-47 magazine to open a beer. Here are a few pictures and a video that show how to do it. 

Banana Clip Bottle Opener Opening BottleBanana Clip Bottle Opener Close Up

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