How Much Have I Spent On Amazon [2021]

How Much Have I Spent On Amazon [2021]

Have you ever wondered how much you've spent with Amazon over your lifetime? That info is out there, but it's a little tricky to access.  Keep reading and I'll show you How-To!

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Amazon accounted for 49.1% of all online sales in 2018 or $258 billion! Some of that was my money and some of it was probably yours. Let's figure out how much!

Step 1: Go to and log in to your account. 

Step 2: Click on "Your Account" in the Accounts & Lists dropdown menu.

Step 3:  Scroll down to the "Ordering and Shopping Preferences" section. Then click "Download Order Reports"

Step 4: For "Report Type" select Items.  

For "Start Date" select the earliest date you can

For "End Date" click the "Use Today" button

Give the report a cool name


Amazon will begin to generate the report. 

It could take a while, but when it's done you will see the report name below in the "Your Reports" section. Click Download under Actions and save the file to your computer. The default Comma Separated Values format is just fine. 

Step 5: Now, open the file. The data is all there but it will not be added up yet. To sum up all your purchases, select the AD column by clicking at the top of it.

Step 6: Then click the AutoSum button in the top left of the screen. 

Then like magic the magnitude of your years-long Amazon buying spree will be revealed at the bottom of the AD column.

I've spent about $14K over the years which pretty much makes me an amateur at this!   

Now you know.

Oct 18th 2019 David Blazek #ad

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