AR15 H2 Buffer

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This H2 buffer is approximately 0.8 oz heavier than a heavy(H) carbine buffer and 1.6 oz heavier than a standard carbine buffer.

This extra weight helps to smooth the function of the AR-15 by slightly delaying the unlocking of the action allowing pressure in the chamber to decrease, resulting in more consistent and reliable case extraction.

The extra weight also causes the bolt to move forward with more authority, stripping and feeding the next round from the magazine into the chamber more reliably. This can be especially helpful if the rifle is dirty or under lubricated. 

H2 buffer weight: 4.5 oz

See also: H3 buffer

Customer Photos

Below: H2 buffer partially removed from this AR pistol. This AR15 was built with a Ballistic Advantage 11.3" 556 NATO Hansen barrel and runs reliably for over 1000 rounds between cleanings. H2 buffer and extra power action spring contribute to positive function.


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